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Women’s Center and Shelter

Originally built as an automobile showroom, the 40,000 sq. foot Greater Pittsburgh woman’s shelter will be renovated to provide a more modern space for greater capacity and security. It will be provide an area for WC&S administers and staff to perform nonresidential services and residential services for occupants.

Detective Building

The long vacant detective building will be renovated to 35,000 sq. ft. prime manufacturing and retail space in the East Liberty neighborhood. It will include food, beverage, and retail shops, as well as 300 co-working spaces for startups and new businesses. New taxes generated from this project will be reinvested into other district infrastructure.

Wood Street Commons

Wood Street Commons will be renovated into 55,000 sq. ft into commercial office space with over 250 low-income single room residential units. Commercial area will provide an income stream to support the programming and services of the housing segment of the project.

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