Special Initiatives

Just like our clients, this firm and its attorneys are always looking to push ourselves, experiment and grow our capabilities. We embrace change and regard the constant evolution of the law as an opportunity to learn and be inspired. We are currently pursuing greater involvement in a number of cutting-edge practices.

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Water Law

Water Law concerns the ownership, control and use of water as a resource and involved a complex array of common law and regulatory programs. In the context of climate change and population shifts, Savage & Associates believes water law will become an increasingly important consideration for clients with interests in real estate, economic development and finance.


Blockchain is one type of so-called “distributed ledge technologies” that clearly has the power to change how both individual companies and broader markets do business. Because of its ability to upend traditional hierarchies and open access to new funding sources, we are interested in assessing the relevance of blockchain and related technologies to the economic development community.

Drones/Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS)

Drones are no longer just for hobbyists. The commercial use of drones expects to increase three-fold by 2021, as a result of new Federal Aviation Administration regulations and guidance. Players in all areas of real estate, construction, transportation and economic development will need to understand the benefits and risks in utilizing these new tools.

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