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Jersey Community Charter School

The Jersey Community Charter School is a K-8 charter school that provides an innovative learning experience as well as involving the community for a well-rounded experience. The school has a strong partnership with the school, homes of the children and the Jersey City community to improve the growth of the students.

Comfort Inn at East Ohio

The Comfort Inn at East Ohio will undergo construction to house a brand new 96-bedroom facility in the East Ohio Business District. The hotel will include a host of amenities designed to serve a professional client-base. The creation of this infrastructure will be an impetus for economic resurgence and rejuvenation, creating 60 employment opportunities, construction jobs and full-time equivalent jobs.

The Highline

This project transformed an old warehouse into a 1 million sq. foot office and riverfront park. The Highline provides public outdoor space, retail space and access for pedestrians and cyclists. In addition, the project will create over 1,000 employment opportunities.

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