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Children’s Museum Lab

A former Carnegie building was newly renovated to house three educationally focused nonprofits. A proposal for housing a maker space, a museum, a school, and other educational focused areas. In total this project will create almost 200 jobs.

Mill 19

Mill 19 is Phase-1 for the mixed-use 28,000 sq. ft. Hazelwood Development Project. The new complex will include light industrial office, retail and public space. It will be developed as a “Net Zero”, meaning the total amount of energy used, will be equal to the total amount of energy created.

40th Street Hotel (Tryp Hotel)

The former Washington Polytechnic High School on 40th St. will be developed into a 108 room hotel with two restaurants and all manner of hospitality facilities. Occupying a prime location, this hotel will become a destination for business professional traveling to expos as well as tourism and shopping.

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