Our Streamlined Process

Congratulations, I’m assuming you’re on this page to get help closing a complex tax credit deal, or maybe you’d like our help with straight forward advice. Either way, Savage & Associates is here to help. Our process for getting things started is seamless and streamlined. At Savage & Associates, we don’t put our clients’ goals on hold. Let’s talk ASAP. Our complimentary phone consultation sets expectations to reach your goals. To get acquainted with your transaction goals and your business, we’ll schedule a 20-minute complimentary phone consultation to move your planning to the next level. After we’ve discussed turning your vision into a reality, we’ll send you an engagement letter containing our fees, retainer and other useful information. From there, we’ll get started on helping you achieve your goals with a planning session. During this session we will discuss the logistics of your transaction and moving forward to structure your deal.