Four Ways You Can Use the CDFI Mapping System

The Community Development Financial Institutions (CDFI) Fund has CDFI Information Mapping System v.4 (CIMS) available for use. Public members can access a limited version of CIMS4. Organizations applying for or receiving funds from CDFI can access a full version through their Awards Management Information System (AMIS) accounts. You can use CIMS4 to perform various functions related to various CDFI programs, including geocoding addresses, mapping census tracts, and counties, and determining the eligibility of census tracts and counties under various CDFI programs.

  1. Create and Manage Target Market Maps  – CDFI must meet certain eligibility criteria, including serving one or more eligible Target Markets. CDFIs can apply to establish Target Markets based on either Investment Areas (IAs) or Low-Income Targeted Populations (LITP), or Other Targeted Populations (OTP). Applicants must create separate Target Market Maps for each of their Target Markets. Targeted Populations sharing the same geographic boundaries can share a map, but those that do not need separate maps. CDFIs can use CIMS4 to create new maps for Target Markets, edit existing Target Market Maps, or delete Maps that they no longer need.
  2. Interface Information Entered in AMIS with – Some CDFI programs require applicants to submit their SF-424 program application via AMIS interfaces with, downloads the application, and associates it with the applicant organization.
  3. Create a Program Profile Specific to Each CDFI Fund Program – AMIS automatically creates a separate partial program profile for your organization for each CDFI Fund program. You then can edit your organizational data as needed in the profile for each program.
  4. Assess the Program Eligibility of Investments, Lending and Financial and Development Services Activities in Specific Geographic Areas for CDFI Fund Programs – Users can access all eligibility data for all CDFI programs by census tract, including data based on the most recent five-year American Community Survey, and criteria based on prior census years. You also can access CDFI headquarters locations, Congressional Districts boundaries, and all census data.

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