More Closed Transactions

Edison Veterans Housing Project (Counsel to Developer Orens Brothers)

The renovation project of the Veterans' Multi-Service Center changed the 60,000 sq. ft. building to a newly 66 unit apartment building for homeless veterans. The new center provides a wide array of services to veterans as well.

Big Mill (Counsel to Developer)

The Big Mill Apartments was a mixed-used facility, that was restored and renovated into a 122,00 sq. ft. multi use property. The first two floors are used as a retail space, while the rest of the development has residential loft apartments on the other floors.

Southside Medical Center

Southside Medical Center -The federally qualified health center in Atlanta, Georgia provides exceptional and affordable primary health care to the medically underserved of the metropolitan Atlanta area.

201 Stanwix Street

The residential and institutional property is in the heart of Pittsburgh Central City Business District. The multi used property is home to a technology infused charter school and home to 200 tenants in the units above the school. The redevelopment allowed for increased development and enrollment expansion.

317 Main Street, West End

A revitalization project of an over 100 year old building in Pittsburgh's historic West End Village was turned into a technology solutions provider and glass manufacturer. The renovated property allows more room for employment and future expansion.

7800 Susquehanna Street Homewood

The historic, yet underutilized property, was restored to a cultural and economic hub for the Homewood community. The 156,000 square feet property is now home to a handful of businesses, including a coworking space, The Shop­Homewood, a recycling company, Thread International, a bow tie company, Knotzland, University of Pittsburgh's Manufacturing Assistance Center and Trade Institute of Pittsburgh. ACE Hotel - The renovation project is one of the first major investments in the traditionally disinvested East Liberty community. The 60,000 square feet interior was renovated from the YMCA, a National Historic Property, into the newly ACE hotel.

Animal Rescue League

The contemporary 40,000 square foot construction is home to the Animal Rescue League. The project includes a well developed facility for animal activities and resources.

City of Asylum Masonic Building Redevelopment

The Masonic Building Redevelopment project will provide a home to the non-profit organization, City of Asylum. City of Asylum is a nonprofit arts organization that is a literary hub and social space for readers and writers in the community.

East End Community House

The construction of the new East End Cooperative Ministry building will supply local residents with a large range of community services. With the new 56,800 sq. ft. building, the facility can offer new services such as nutritional education and garden product preparation.

East Side TOD

The Mosites Company has led a multi-agency effort to redevelop six acres of underused land into multi-use and multi-functional community property called the East Side Ill project. The property creates a modern multimodal transit center, as well as 360 family units, with 43,000 sq. ft. commercial space. This project not only contributed to the community, but created nearly 150 full time positions.

Energy Innovation Center

The multi-disciplinary institution is a new renovation of the formally old Connelley Trade School. The redevelopment of the 160 sq. ft. will be an energy research institution. The new production will promote energy-sector research and innovation, and create new jobs, entrepreneurship and the revitalization of the neighborhood.