Why Savage?

Savage & Associates Advocate + Advisor + Ally

Savage & Associates is not a traditional law firm. We do not have a grand lobby. We do not hire hordes of associates. There are no box seats at Lincoln Financial Field to give away. And we’re good with that. As a small boutique firm, what we have to offer clients is actually of much greater value.


We use simple fixed fee billing. No hourly rates, no surprises. We do this because it allows us to stay on budget and keeps our incentives aligned with yours. We invest in clients over the long term and bill in a way that is clear and sustainable.


What good does it do to have a fancy lawyer, if you can’t get her to return your phone call? There are no barriers to access here or dial tones after 5:00 pm on Friday. As a client of this firm, you will have multiple ways to reach out when you need us—whenever you need us.


We offer a rare combination of Big Law training and real-world experience. Because we understand the unique challenges of operating in communities in need of redevelopment, we don’t rely on textbook or “this-is-the-way-it’s-always-done” templates. Every client is different. Every project is different. Every solution is tailored.


Got time for lectures about difficulties and roadblocks? Neither do we. Economic development deals come with complications, so clients need attorneys who are committed to seeing it through to the end. When obstacles arise, we don’t dwell. We just figure out another way to make it work.

Notable Transactions

GHPA Bond Financing of Grays Ferry Education and Wellness Center in South Philadelphia

Reinvestment Fund in conjunction with JPMorgan Chase and the Philadelphia Industrial Development Corporation (PIDC) deployed New Markets Tax Credits (NMTC) to redevelop this four-story, 44,000-square-foot Philadelphia public school building into a community health and education center. Reinvestment Fund provided an energy and direct loan for the $9.6 million project. This project created 105 full-time jobs.

Crane Arts Project (Counsel to the Reinvestment Fund – TRF)

The 100 year old building project was restored to the new Crane Arts Building. The new art facility is the breeding ground for new artistic talent and production, as well as a home for emerging and established artist.

AIA Philadelphia Headquarters – TRF deal

The American Institute of Architects Philadelphia Chapter is the oldest and most distinguished chapter of the American Institute. The Philadelphia Chapter organizes architects in the Philadelphia region and provides opportunities for members.

New Jersey Community Charter School - TRF

The Jersey Community Charter School is a K-8 charter school that provides an innovative learning experience as well as involving the community for a well-rounded experience. The school has a strong partnership with the school, homes of the children and the Jersey City community to improve the growth of the students.

Campus Apartment Homewood Suites – TRF

The Homewood Suites University City is a beautiful extended stay in the center of the University of Pennsylvania campus, the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, Presbyterian Hospital & Penn Medicine are all a few blocks from Philadelphia’s business district.

Imani Foundation (Charter School) – TRF

The Imani Education Circle Charter School is a K-8 charter school with a close-knit family like foundation with an African diaspora-centered academic system.

Progress Plaza – TRF

The Sullivan Progress Plaza, located in North Philadelphia, is the first shopping center in the country developed, owned and operated by African Americans.

Brown’s Supermarket - Parktown Plaza (Parkside Ave)

The Parktown Plaza is a community shopping center located in South Philly. It includes a Brown’s Shoprite.

Brown’s Parkside - Island Ave – TRF

The 30-acre community shopping center at 52nd and Parkside is the newest edition of the Brown’s Shoprite family.

Edison Square (supermarket development) (Counsel to Developer Orens Brothers)

The 1903 Collegiate Gothic Revival Style building, known as Edison High has been revitalized into a 36,000 sq. ft. retail shopping center. The commercial corridor has brought close to 100 full time jobs.

Eastern Village (Counsel to Developer Orens Brothers)

The $8 million project birthed a 70,000 sq. ft. building with 37 residences, 8 office spaces, a child care center, a coffee shop and a large parking garage. The former Railway Express building was renovated from a warehouse to a multi-use property